More than 500,000 MCBF

       Pneumatic Actuator for motion increaseed reliability

  ⊙ Easy Installation

       BOLTS position adjustment mechanism

       Self-standing caster as a standard function

       Easy Adjustment for height & level

  ⊙ Easy Maintenance

       Easy maintenance access from front

       Modular Parts designe reduce assemble and disassemble time

  ⊙ Compatibility

       Applicable to various FOUPs (Entegris, Shin-Etsu, Miraial,, etc)

       LAN & RS232C Command control
       200mm wafer solution (option adapter)
       RFID, E84  Communication

  ⊙ N₂Purge Module

       N₂Purge FOUP
       N₂Purge FDC 
       NPurge Recipe Available